Music Workshops and Teaching


WorkshopIf you would like more information about availability and costs of our workshops please email.

All courses and workshops are being organsied by different organisations and centres.  

You will need to register with Activities Unlimited to come along! 


Would you like Mike & Jana to visit you at your centre with Soundbeam, Singing and Music Sessions?

Ambient Classical are providers to Activities Unlimited, Lapwing Suffolk, Creative Partnerships, Eastfeast, Singout 2010 and many other organisiations.

We provide workshops and learning programmes tailored to the needs of your organisation or education centre.

This may mean composing songs with the aphasic, or autistic in a way that creates new avenues for communication.

It may mean using Soundbeam as a means for joyful physical movement, or composition for those with brain trauma to enable potential, developing with the musical mind to enhance learning. Each individual will indicate potential.

We are able to aid and assess this potential. We discern, listen, develop, and enable learning. Such learning or adjustments are measurable, quantifiable.

In many cases there is an unfolding of smiles, confidence, language, speech and behavioural shifts.


Singing and writing songs can develop language!


In the case of an 'aphasic' patient our friend has begun to hum in time to the music played. In the case of the autistic young man, the process of singing and working with songs took over eighteen months of weekly sessions before he arrived one day having written in his mind a whole song!

Writing songs showed how to develop language.

This shows us that regular individual sessions impact on behaviour and learning. Also how valuable are group inspirational sessions which develop group activity and the potential to relate. You may require a selection of personal and group activities in your school, education or learning centre.


All songs written for SingOut 2010 feature in the live CD recorded at Snape Maltings November 2010 available by email to


Multi-sensory possibilities!


Mike works with people with special needs in multi-sensory and Snoezelun environments using music as a means for individual contact, working with multiple and complex needs to enable expression, communication and relaxation.

Often in close collaboration with the Occupational Therapist Mike is able to develop the musical and sensory capabilities of his clients.

One mother said of her son, " I have never seen him so relaxed". 

Mike's music is used in Snoezelun to relax patients.