Mike Rowland ~ Composer & Music Practitioner

Mike Rowland is the composer of The Fairy Ring, the most successful New Age album of all time.

Mike has composed and released albums that inspire and heal.  People find the qualities of the music beneficial and relaxing.

It is used in hospitals, healing centres, sensory environments and homes across the world.

To celebrate twenty five years of the success of the record company Oreade, Mike performed in Holland with Jana Rowland and Aled Jones. 

"... the music played with Aled Jones is beautiful, technologically challenging and shows that even with a brain trauma, the consciousness of playing music is always present" See  YouTube:Mike Rowland

"I am so excited about this - the musicians we are including have special musical skills, and I am really happy to be working so closely with these students. They comprise the students who use Soundbeam as a musical instrument, and the recordings we have been able to make playing together."

Mike has a Master's degree in electroacoustic composition. He enjoys using electronics, recordings of nature as well as live instruments to create his beautiful music. He has recently developed his recording studio to include sensory equipment to enable The One Feather Project to record musicians. He regularly performs with the One Feather Project and bookings can be made through  janamusic@btinternet.com 

Please note: There has recently been a fault with mail to Mike at ambientclassical and if you have not received a reply from him please forward your email to janamusic@btinternet.com so that your precious message does not go astray!

Mike is also an ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor. This spiritual ability inspires all his musical composition and work as a Music Practitioner.

Healing music sessions are available through referral, or by private consultation.

Mike is a practitioner in sensory music for Suffolk Schools, Suffolk County Council, Activities Unlimited, and other associated organisations with private patients in need of respite and palliative care. Whether through Occupational Therapy, Healthcare, Social Welfare or through your GP you can now ask for this Music provision. It can be allocated as part or from your personal budget. State your request to your G.P. or Social Services Officer and ask them to contact us through janamusic@btinternet.com