The Elfin Trust

The Elfin Trust has been set up to :-

The  'One Feather'  Project

We provide inspirational and creative music sessions  foryoung people with learning disabilities and special educational needs.
In particular we are working with young adults who have been victims of brain
trauma. We have found that music can enable expression, communication, a sense of well being and joy.

It is our experience by encouraging music to be played by some of the most inhibited young individuals a sense of confidence can be developed. One participant calls out for 'music now' every time and another with the aid of a Soundbeam, can improvise easily to world music and jazz.

The recordings of the students show their love of music, as well as an understanding of musical form, harmony and structure. This is future education for young people who otherwise have limited conventional language, perhaps only gestures to communicate and in some cases behavioural difficulties.

Some students have carers with them twenty four seven, but in the careful hands of our work as music practitioners become self aware and able to make choices. We are deeply grateful for the donation of musical instruments which enables us to share our musical experience and to trust our young participants to learn.

One young man, who has received the gift of a student violin is able to play each week, as well as in his care home. Another young man is writing songs about hisdaily activities and his capacity for understanding language has increased.  By creating lyrics using colours for example, one partially sighted individual has increased his capacity to speak and describe his own personal experience of the world around him.

We are asking for donations towards musical instruments as the need is greater than we can currently supply.

If you would like us to visit your school or centre please contact us. We are available to advise on the use of music in special needs units and have strategies
for developing learning for individuals in your centre.


Singing and laughing at the Walled Garden, Thornham

Learning to see with music

learning the violin!

We would be happy to hear from you. Do you have a resource unit? Do you have funding for Soundbeam sessions for your customers? Do you have a Soundbeam lurking away in a cupboard that you do not know how to use?

If you would like more information about availability, costs and workshops please email.

You can donate to the Trust. Please contact us if you are able to do so and would like to.

The cards which are on sale, a collection of beautiful photographs taken by Mike Rowland, are sold in aid of the Elfin Trust.